The world is changing and so is our idea of housing. Our homes are now the new frontier to discover: no longer a simple box that protects us from the outside world, but a full universe that extends our senses and helps us interact with one another. At FHAUS, we believe homes are your second skin, literally. 


We are devoted to bringing our clients the best possible living experience. Homes that are the extension of your own lives, unique and personal, while guaranteeing the highest performance. Homes that care about you and your family, your health and your comfort. FHAUS wants to make your dream-home come true.


We are passionate about creativity and innovation. We believe we can always do better and are committed to delivering excellence both in product performance and service experience. We are hard working, honest, team-players, whose interests are always aligned with our client's needs and desires.


Since 2013 the FHAUS team has been creating one of the most sophisticated real estate engines for residential bespoke properties. Our goal is to empower people around the globe and allow them to define their own homes, overcoming the multiple challenges from an industry that is in the verge of being completely disrupted.


We work on the realm of the industry’s 4 basic activities: Property Acquisition, Design and Construction, Property Management and Commercialization. Our objective is to align the interest of the different stakeholders involved in these processes with the final user’s perspective.


We are committed with 3 major strategies for the near future:


Improve our engine

We are obsess about learning from every mistake or shortcoming. We love challenges and we embrace complexity. We are continuously improving our engine because we want to get far fast.


Scale and transcend

We don’t not buy the traditional idea that real estate is local and there is nothing to be done about it. We believe we all share a similar drive when searching for our dream home and the rest has to follow, and we are here to prove it.


Attract talent

If we are to make FHAUS one of the reference home brands of the 21st century we definitely are going to need great talent joining us. We are not looking so much for previous real estate experience as for capable, hard-working team players with learning hunger. People that believe this is the moment to make a difference in the way will will live as citizens of the information age.

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Learn More about FHAUS in this interview with Founder Partner and CEO, Carlos Infantes.

by M!lo de Prieto

Milo de Prieto is a producer/creative director who works with various clients from New York Times to Conde Nast and many other companies producing all forms of content, campaigns, and messaging. Based in Barcelona, THE VERY PRESENT FUTUER OF BARCELONA is his way of contributing to his adopted home by doing interviews with people he encounters who are contributing to the excellence of the community

Carlos Infantes

Founder & CEO

I am a hardcore optimist: The world will be a better place and we are committed to bringing the best of that to people’s homes.

Javier Martí

Information Developer

I am in charge of creating the data base that runs behind the FHAUS standards and defining the interface to help our multiple stakeholders make the best out of it.

Nelson Zambrano

Design Manager

I am driven to narrowing the "design gap". We want our clients to take control of their dreams and feel comfortable about it.

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